Signature Rail Services, LLC
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Rail Temp Contractor Engineer
Now Accepting Certified Engineer/Conductor Applications


  • Signature Rail Services LLC was built by railroaders with a desire to provide the rail industry with competitive priced temp labor to fulfill client needs while at the same time providing displaced and layed off rail workers with a quality of life they have come to expect in the rail industry.  

  • Signature Rail Services LLC knows that it is the  contractors that do the work and the companies that are serviced in a professional manner that make the company. As such, Co-Owners or Supervisors will make an appearence on every contract to make sure to alleviate any problems or concerns by contractors or businesses that we service.
Rail Temp Engineer Conductor
    ​Michael Zillifro (Co-Owner Signature Rail Services, LLC)

  • 9 Years Short line experience as Conductor and Locomotive Engineer
  • 3 Years Contractor expereince as Conductor and Locomotive Engineer

Michael started railroading in 2004. He has worked for many short lines all around the country. He has knowledge in different areas of switching, and running various types of locomotives including Distributed Power. He started contract railroading in 2013. He takes pride in his work and knowing his job as well as the business. He resides with his wife in a small community in Southeastern Kansas where he enjoys spending time with his parents, children and 3 grandchildren. 
Rail Temp Engineer Conductor
Jeff Fowler (Co-Owner Signature Rail Services, LLC)​​

  • US Navy OS ACU-2
  • US Army National Guard 11B 45TH INF
  • BNSF Brakeman, Conductor, Locomotive Engineer, Pilot/Supervisor
  • UTU Vice Local Chairman
  • SKOL Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers, Assistant Train-Master, Locomotive Enginer, Conductor
  • East Central University (Biology)
  • ICC Associates of Science
  • Advanced Emergency Technician and 13 other state certificates

Jeff Fowler brings not only railroad knowledge of the CFR 49 and safety regulations, but also the practical work experience in many aspects of the job. He has worked in the capacity of Conductor, Engineer, Supervisor, and Union  Official.  He also brings with him his military experience; from Leadership skills and a great desire to build morale through teamwork and unity, to the utmost desire to conquer all tasks to the best of his ability.  Jeff lives in SouthEastern Kansas with his family and in his free time is an avid scuba diver and hunter.